VLSI Training

VLSI (Very large Scale Integration) Course training is focused on multi-million-gate VLSI System design methodologies for FPGA’s / CPLD using Xilinx FPGA Design Flow. The syllabus of the Course provides a comprehensive study of the design methodology and practices for the high end design characteristics, for high speed systems and multifarious verticals such as Telecom, DSP, Industrial Control & Instrumentation and also Consumer electronics – which are in high demand currently in the industry.

Starting from Basics of Digital Electronics

Training begins with a detailed introduction about Combinational Circuits, Sequential circuits, FSM, Memory which are essential for better understanding during VLSI Training.

VLSI Specification and Behavioral Description based training

Unlike the normal theoretical training that is offered in different institutes in VLSI, Wiztech Automation offers training which is very specific. The VLSI training at Wiztech opens up thorough concepts and specifics along the behavioral description. The candidates trained in the institute hence become quite skilled.

Register Transfer Level (RTL) explanation

In the VLSI training at WIZTECH AUTOMATION, the core training is given which includes Register Transfer Level (RTL) explanation. In digital circuit design, register-transfer level (RTL) is an abstraction of design of a circuitry set synchronous in terms of the flow of digital signals (data) between hardware registers and the logical operations performed on those signals. RTL abstraction is used in HDLs – hardware description languages – like Verilog and VHDL. Digital at the RTL is a normal usage in the current day digital design. The VLSI training at Wiztech thus includes RTL, which others consider it as not a part of it.

Synthesize, Floor Planning, Placement and Route

Wiztech Automation, Chennai, focuses on the aspects of Synthesis, Floor Planning, Placement and Routing, while providing VLSI Training. The syllabus is comprehensive and covers all the important aspects and not just coding, which is also, one of the core constituents of the VLSI Course Training.

Techniques and Key points in Physical/Layout Designing

Most of the VLSI training institutions focus only on front end designing in VLSI. But WIZTECH AUTOMATION aims at facilitating back end processes in VLSI designing. So, our candidates can explore more about back end of VLSI design too.

Design & Implementation using FPGA

Practical knowledge is very important in VLSI Course training which cannot be taken lightly. Unlike many other institutions, WIZTECH AUTOMATION focuses on live and practical training in VLSI. As a part of this the candidates at Wiztech are given training as to how to design FPGA step by step and all the technical points in implementing it.

Importing other techniques to VLSI

Designing processes like Image processing, DSP designing, Power Electronics are usually done using MATLAB. But in WIZTECH AUTOMATION under VLSI Training syllabus, we include these techniques to be implemented in System using Xilinx Generator.

Wiztech Automation Solutions, Anna Nagar, Chennai, an IAO & ISO certified organization providing training to the students of engineering, engineers and the industry based professionals, has earned a reputation for the VLSI Course Training among others offered to the Engineers & engineering students. Since Wiztech Automation as an Institute offers thorough Conceptual knowledge and 100% practical skills with hands on experience in VLSI, the students of the institute become very confident on all these aspects on competition of the VLSI Course training at the Institute in Chennai

Every student before actually registering for the course Training is made to meet a senior level official of the company. Confidence is thus instilled into every student opting to join the institute. The Syllabus, the course duration, the methodology, fee payable are all discussed with every student thus making him / her totally informed and are confident on all aspects. The best features of the VLSI Training at Wiztech are: Offer of flexible timings, extended hours, 100% practical sessions, individual focus, exposure to equipment / machineries, project based experience, certification post training, free accommodation and placement for job opportunities. Wiztech thus provides an ideal institute atmosphere to the students thereby providing solutions to all their requirements. It is therefore that Wiztech is rated as the best VLSI Training Institute in Chennai.