Process Automation Training in Chennai

Processing industries

The companies involved in processing operations in their plants tie up with technology partners who understand their plant needs to provide ideal solutions for their customized requirements. With the growing market competition every company looks for excellence in every aspect of the operations so as to bring out a high quality product, high volumes of production, set the best of safety measures and have ease in maintenance in the plant supported by Training in Process Automation. All these features call for automation which ensures total solutions in their system. With the right automation solutions in place companies would have sustained business success. Training in Process Automation provides good insight into these aspects

Process Automation Training

Operations & Maintenance

Processing based industries recruit engineers for their Operations and Maintenance based requirements and they will naturally look for the engineers who have the right aptitude, knowledge and skills in the area of process automation related field. All the petro-chemical industries, refineries, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, etc., thus need engineers who have knowledge and skills in the relevant field. Scope for engineering personnel therefore is high with the expanding industrial landscape involved in process automation.

Training needs - Wiztech’s missionary zeal

Training in Process automation is therefore a prerequisite for the engineers opting to get into processing industries to make a career for themselves. Wiztech Automation is fully geared up to provide the best of training to the engineering candidates to be industry-ready for right job opportunities. Wiztech provides full-fledged training in PLC / SCADA systems which the students, getting trained, could master. Wiztech’s R & D Lab with full industrial setup provides the candidates the best possible scope for their skills up-gradation in Industrial Process Automation Control training. The scope for practical and hands on experience that they get and the qualified and experienced faculty members’ direct guidance make the candidates trained at Wiztech knowledgeable, skillful and also very confident to handle jobs with total conviction. Live and real time experiences that they acquire at Wiztech makes them totally fit for jobs in process automation based industries in India and abroad.

Post training, the candidates from Wiztech are referred to associated industrial clients for placements. Thus Training in Process Automation at Wiztech opens up job opportunities in the special field that they are trained. The knowledge, skills and practical & hands on experience that they acquire at Wiztech comes very handy for them to be selected for jobs.