Free demo class

Wiztech Automation – Anna Nagar, Chennai, provides to students enquiring about the training courses complete details of the course and also the syllabus that is covered for the course being offered. Upon confirmation from the candidate enquiring for the details and for a Free demo class, Wiztech fixes a free-demo time-slot for the candidate / candidates on a day suitable to the candidate. The Free demo class would be held at Wiztech Research Centre and will be of the duration of half-an-hour to an hour.

Free demo class would cover syllabus based brief about the topics which are covered and the level of in-depth study that the course would cover. The Free demo class would be done using power point. The practical aspects and the machinery & systems involved are also shown to the candidates and given brief about them. The unique nature of the courses offered by Wiztech and the methodology adopted for the training to make the students skilled hands-on, are explained in detail during the Free demo class. The fact that the crux of the training courses at Wiztech is to make the students proficient theoretically and practically is emphasized.