Control panel wiring Training in Chennai

"Control panel wiring"

Control Panel Wiring” may appear as less important area of knowledge in industrial automation training, whereas it actually assumes greater importance in automation as a system in operation. Any automation system works with the sole purpose of monitoring and control of operations. So Control Panel wiring is therefore an area of knowledge which should not be seen as auxiliary activity. Control Panel Wiring provides the student the flow of activities and also the sequential functioning of the system components connected to different equipments to attain the ultimate purpose of efficiency in operations, energy saving, Human Safety, etc. Control Panel Wiring involves all the major and minor parts – such as switches, push buttons, toggle switches, output relays, i/o unit of PLC / DCS, contactors, VFD power circuit and control diagram.

Wiztech’s training in Control Panel Wiring

Wiztech training provides knowledge in a flow through the Control panel wiring, its parts and their importance. Students not only learn about the components involved in wiring and control panel, but they are also taken in a sequential understanding of the entire process. The wiring method and the components connected elaborate the understanding of a student.